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Setting up Personal Server

There are many things to consider when setting up your own server. We wouln't encourage a novice for the job. Seek help from web professionals if you have any queries. Here are some web hosting factors to consider when setting up your personal server:

  • A server license is needed and they are not cheap
  • Virus, bugs and spam attacks
  • 24-hour maintenance and support

Your website doesn't sleep but you do need your sleep! Who is going to take care of your website that is hosted in your personal computer while you are sleeping? Getting 24 hour up- time and support is necessary for your website; especially if it is a business website! The main advantage Internet Service Providers have over personal servers is: having web professional maintenance crew working 24/7 to ensure that web hosting is running smooth for websites.

Many people will think setting up server hosting is cheaper than getting a web hosting package. Buying hosting equipment is not cheap for an individual and just like any other computer equipment, it becomes outdated after a while. Server companies spend hundreds of thousands on equipment and keeping up with technology. They buy in bulk, hence having bulk savings. Hence, web hosting packages are competitive and affordable.

If you are genuinely interested in setting up your own server, do it out of interest's sake. Otherwise, you will be financially better off getting hosting packages off bulk- buying server companies.

Dedicated Server-A Smart Web Hosting Choice

Hosting your personal or business web sites on your own dedicated server may seems expensive choice in comparison to shared web hosting, but at the end, it proves a smart choice. what is your opinion?

Shared web hosting, no matter how well managed, cannot be 100% reliable and stable so Dedicated server always a smart choice.

If you have your own dedicated server you can manage to avoid most of the variables affecting the reliability and stability of a server, commonly experienced by shared hosting accounts; variables such as: overload, bad codes and scripts from other users (especially beginners); and, too many applications and components uploaded, and so on.

By the very nature of the account, a dedicated server: reduces your dependency on the web host; and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these. With dedicated server hosting you can provide instant support to your own clients whenever required, which is not possible if you are on a shared server.

On a dedicated server you will install only software and applications you want to use, while on a shared hosting server you will find a host of other software and applications installed for other users.
For people with clients, such as Graphic Designers and Web Designers a dedicated server is invaluable. A dedicated server will bring extra income into the studio, not just as a hosting facility, but, as a designer knows only too well, for the extra ‘bread and butter’ income value. If you have 24hour access to your own dedicated server then you can adjust, correct or update a clients website in minutes, allowing you to keep the dollar back in your studio and not in someone else’s.

If you are serious about your online presence you need to get a Dedicated Server.

Ups and Downs of Dedicated Server Hosting

What are Ups and Downs of Dedicated Server Hosting?

Getting your own dedicated server for your business is a great idea if you are interested in security, being the only business on the server, eliminating potential server problems, and have a budget that includes a substantial monthly fee.

If you have a busy commerce website and a lot of visitors, then a dedicated server is probably your best bet. However if you have a smaller site, with less traffic, and a low budget, you should wait until your budget grows as well as your website to use a dedicated server. Consider the following points to help you learn more about the ups of dedicated server hosting.


 Dedicated server hosting is beneficial because you know you are the only one using the server and it is 100% dedicated to your website and information. Shared web hosting is less expensive, but also less secure. If you have your own server your information will be safe and secure and you will not have to worry about security breaches.

Avoid server problems due to others sharing the server, submitting bad information that affects the server, and ultimately you in a negative way. With your own dedicated server you will only deal with your own information. The actions of others on the server will not affect you because you are the only one on the server.

On your dedicated server, you install and use the information and software you need. Space is not taken up for software and programs for other users that you do not need.

Some other benefits of Dedicated server are:-

  • With a dedicated server you have less reliance on your Web host and as a result you will save any delays that might occur as well as money that you would possibly lose from being offline.
  • With your own dedicated server you will be able to offer support to your clients 24/7 if you so desired. This is not an option on a shared server and is a worthwhile benefit to many companies considering a dedicated server.
  • A dedicated server is faster as well and your web pages will load significantly quicker, which means people will stick around to see what your site is about. With a shared server it might take longer for your site to load and people won't wait for this.
The one major drawback to dedicated server hosting is the price. It is more expensive than shared hosting and as a result not an option for many people.
Dedicated server is more costly than other hosting option.

Website to Move On to Dedicated Servers

How to Know It is Time for Your Website to Move On to Dedicated Servers?

Knowing when it is time to move onto a dedicated server includes many variables and requires you to answer a variety of questions. While dedicated servers are great because only you and your business will be using them, they are expensive and require someone to manage them, which costs more money. Evaluate if you have all of the elements required for a dedicated server before making plans to move onto one. Below are some things you should consider first.

Question #1 - Can You Afford It?

One huge question that will play a large role in whether or not you move onto a dedicated server is whether or not you can afford it. You need to do some math to not only figure out how much a dedicated server costs, but how much you will have to pay for an administrator or for a fully managed dedicated server. These can be expensive, especially if you do not have a large budget. Make sure your budget supports a dedicated server before you start looking into one.

Question #2 - Managed or Unmanaged?

Another consideration is will you want a managed or unmanaged dedicated server. An unmanaged dedicated server means you have to have the knowledge and skills set to manage it personally or else you need to hire someone to do it for you. Consider this as well because if you don't, you might find yourself in over your head or spending money you had not budgeted.

Some other questions are:-

Extra Space and Bandwidth, Do You Really Need It?

Do you really need the space and bandwidth a personal server provides? If your web pages are loading rather quickly and you still have plenty of space on a shared server, you should consider why you need to invest in a dedicated server. If you need the space and bandwidth then you should do it, however if you don't there really is no reason to unless you have extremely sensitive information.

Do You Have Sensitive Files?

The number one driving reason why individuals want dedicated servers is because they only hold that persons information, rather than a variety of peoples and businesses. So, if you have ultra sensitive information you cannot risk being stolen, a dedicated server is definitely the way to go.

Do You Need the Tools and Options?

Having your own dedicated server means you have a variety of tools and options at your fingertips you did not have on a shared server. There are no rules with a dedicated server because it is all yours, so whatever you need to do you can do it. Just keep in mind the ever rising prices.

3 Timesaving Secrets for Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting has its difficulties and problems from time to time like all technology. However, there are certain things you can do to prepare yourself for any server downtime or other problems that might arise. The key, however, to these tips is that you are aware of them before the problem occurs rather than afterward. The following three timesaving tips will help you with your dedicated web hosting and save you a lot of time.

Tip #1 Managed Dedicated Server
When you have your own dedicated server someone has to manage it. So, you have two options. You can either choose a managed server and have a hosting company handle all of the details, maintenance, and updating that must take place. Or, you can hire an administrator to handle this maintenance for you. The last option is you can manage it yourself, that is if you are skilled in those kinds of things. Basically, if you hire an administrator it will cost you extra money as well. Regardless, if you have a managed dedicated server installed you should know beforehand who will be handling the maintenance and other details to keep everything running smoothly with as little downtime as possible.

Tip #2 Know the Details
You always need to know all the details regarding your dedicated server as well as your web host. When you know all of the details you know what to expect when a situation occurs and how it will be handled. If you do not know the details when you involve yourself in a contract with a dedicated web host then you will be asking for trouble. Save yourself from this and make sure you know everything there is to know about your equipment, who is responsible for what, and the game plan if any problems arise.

Tip #3 Support
Another key element you need to know that will save you time when problems arise is the kind of support you have from your web host. You want to have a web host that provides support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. If your web host is not offering this then you might prefer to find one that does because for some reason problems seem to arise after hours and not weekends or holidays.

Dedicated Server vs. Co-location Web Hosting

What is difference between Dedicated Web Hosting and Co-location Web Hosting ?

When you co-locate, you are simply renting space within someone else's facility to store your own server or servers. It's like a high tech gym locker that you are renting all or part of to house your servers. You either ship or deliver your server to your provider. Additional services provided with co-location vary from host to host but it certainly won't include the actual server. With a dedicated server you are getting all the features of co-location, plus the actual web server itself.

Which is better Dedicated Web Hosting or Co-location Web Hosting ?

While it certainly depends on your particular needs, and there are excellent situations for both the dedicated server option is quickly becoming a better choice in more and more cases. If you already own a web server, or cluster that you prefer to use, then obviously co-location may be your best choice. If you are considering buying new equipment and shipping it off for co-location - please reconsider. The prices and equipment available in dedicated hosting these days are outstanding plus relieve you of the burden of hardware.

Cheap & Best E-Commerce Hosting Companies

  • Hub- A best and most cost effective E-Commerce hosting company offers best features, best support, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains with 90 days money back guarantee at just $ 1.95.
  • Justhost- An affordable e-commerce hosting option comes with unlimited features like disk space, bandwidth, domains with anytime money back guarantee is offered with 24*7 customer support at just $ 3.75 per month. It ensures instant setup for Wordpress, Joomla.
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  • Hostclear- Packages begins at a price of $3.95 includes free domain, host unlimited domains, bandwidth with anytime money back guarantee offers high quality and reliable e-commerce hosting solutions.
  • IX Web Hosting- E-Commerce hosting plans with a shared SSL Certificate for free, unlimited storage and bandwidth and customer support offered at just $3.95 per month.

Best Best eCommerce Hosting Provider

Inmotion, an award winning and industry leader in providing best class e-commerce hosting solutions. This is considered as an excellent choice for all kinds of hosting needs, business or personal website, dedicated server, virtualized environment.

It is backed by a robust infrastructure and equipped with a safe and secure platform and state of the art data center having high-quality server hardware which keeps web store up and running all the time, results in 99.99% Uptime guarantee. Advanced technology is used, and a network is monitored actively so that issues can be removed at the same time. With this, 24*7 Customer service is offered for rendering technical support.

If someone is new to e-commerce, for them Inmotion hosting provides a free website builder having a shopcart integrated to them. It permits a user to organize their products and services offering online in a systematic way. They can keep them according to the inventory level, a category to which it belongs or according to their attributes such as size, color, etc. Inmotion hosting also permits for integration of full merchant account with famous merchants like, PayPal.

Packages of Inmotion offers support to the most reputed and famous online shopping carts by offering fast MySQL Databases as it is used by all the carts. Business Hosting package offered by company featured a user-friendly auto installer.

Web sites having a high volume of traffic need a dedicated server or a VPS. And sometimes merchant account provider needs the same. So, Inmotion hosting sets these servers like Shared hosting so that shopping cart gets installed easily.
So, if anyone is looking for the web host who is best in offering business e-commerce hosting solutions, may consider Inmotion

Dedicated server- invaluable for Web designers

For people with clients, such as Graphic Designers and Web Designers a dedicated server is invaluable. A dedicated server will bring extra income into the studio, not just as a hosting facility, but, as a designer knows only too well, for the extra 'bread and butter' income value. If you have 24hour access to your own dedicated server then you can adjust, correct or update a clients website in minutes, allowing you to keep the dollar back in your studio and not in someone else's. Ready availability results in reduced labor costs for the client, but higher studio-income frequency for the designer. Hence you will see the return of all your regular offline clients, bringing their web work with them.

Hosting your web sites on your own dedicated server may seem a little expensive in comparison to shared web hosting, but the end result is more advantageous. Shared web hosting, no matter how well managed, cannot be 100% reliable and stable. However if you have your own dedicated server you can manage to avoid most of the variables affecting the reliability and stability of a server, commonly experienced by shared hosting accounts; variables such as: overload, bad codes and scripts from other users (especially beginners); and, too many applications and components uploaded, and so on.

A dedicated server reduces your dependency on the web host; and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these. With dedicated server hosting you can provide instant support to your own clients whenever required, which is not possible if you are on a shared server.
Not only for Web designers but if your business website is quickly downloadable and up all the time gives the visitor encouragement that your service is just as reliable, hence you will be more likely to make a sale. It will also enhance the company's image and encourage existing customers to refer your service to others. This will result in more sales for less promotion.

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Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

A Network File and Application Server

Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is a network file and application server for Microsoft Windows NT Server network operating system. IIS is the base component building an Internet or Intranet server solution on Windows NT Server, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.
Integrated with Windows NT Server
IIS is fully integrated with Windows NT Server. The tight integration of IIS with Windows NT Server allows the administrator to use the build in security of Windows NT Server and NTFS file system to build powerful, flexible and secure Internet and Intranet sites


IIS supports Microsoft BackOffice Family of Server Applications

IIS provides additional Internet technologies and enhancements to Microsoft BackOffice

The BackOffice family includes:
  • Microsoft SQL Server client Server database management system.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server client server messaging system.
  • Microsoft Proxy Server.
  • Microsoft SNA Server connectivity for IBM enterprise networks.
  • Microsoft Systems Management Server centralized management for distributed systems.
  • Microsoft Commercial Internet Server (MCIS).

IIS deploys Scalable Server Applications


enables developers to host a new generation of dynamic and engaging Web content. IIS fully supports Microsoft Visual Basic programming system, VBScript, JScript development software and JAVA components.
It also supports Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and WinCGI for Web based programs and Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) extensions and filters. Process isolation allows you to to safely multiple Web sites If a site stops responding the other sites will not be effected.

Core Components of the IIS Platform

Following elements of the Windows Option Pack

are considered core components of the IIS platform:

Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
A tool to create consoles for performing administrative tasks on your network. MMC integrates all the tools, information, Web Pages and views of the network an administrator needs to perform specific tasks.
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
The standards based Web application server for Windows NT Server.
IIS is both a web server for corporate Intranets and public internet sites and the superior platform for the next generation of line of business applications.
Microsoft Certificate Server
Certificate Server provides customizable services for issuing and managing digital certificates. You can use these certificates for secure e-mail and to authenticate clients and server on the Internet and corporate Intranets.
Microsoft Index Server
Index server will index the contents and properties of documents on an Internet or Intranet. Web site served by IIS.
Index server can be set up so clients can search a web site with any browser by filling in the fields of a query from formatted Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
MTS is component based transaction processing system for developing, deploying and managing high performance, scalable and robust server applications. MTS defines a programming model and provided a run-time environment and graphical administration tool for managing enterprise applications.

Microsoft Site Server Express (SSE)

Comprised of three tools:

  1. Content Analyzer
  2. Usage Import and Report Writer
  3. Posting Acceptor
SSE offers a subset of the functionality found in Microsoft Site Server.
  1. Content Analyzer: Provides comprehensive site visualization content analysis, link management and reporting capabilities for managing Web sites.
  2. Usage Import and Report Writer: Enables you to collect and analyze IIS log files from a single server using nine pre-defined reports that give you insight into actual requests, users and organizations that interact with your site.
  3. Posting Acceptor: A server add-on-tool that allows Web content providers to publish content using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). After installing Posting Acceptor on your Web Server, you will be able to provide a hosting service for users who want to post Web content to your server.

Features of IIS

Some Of the Important Feature of IIS

  • Supports Internet Industry Standards
  • Includes Fully Integrated setup and administration
  • Helps user to develop and deploy web based applications
  • Integrates security and authentication
  • Incorporates Web Publishing Tools

IIS Supports Internet Industry Standards

HTTP Support

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) features improved transfer speed, tighter logon security and additional virtual abilities.
IIS provides users with a Web Server that is standards based by supporting the new HTTP functionality and helping to increase overall performance over the Internet.

Internet Services

IIS provides support for such standard Internet services as World Wide web, File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and Network New Transfer Protocol.


WWW Service Supported by IIS

Microsoft World Wide Web (WWW)

Service supports HTTP, allowing users to publish content to the Internet. The Web is the most graphical services on the Internet that has the most sophisticated linking capabilities.
Whether your site is on an Intranet or the Internet, the principles of providing content are the same.
You place your files in directories on your Web site so users can view your files with a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can publish documents in HTML format that includes text, graphics, animation or video.
WWW Services also allows you to install business applications on your Web site so customers can order products or fill out forms.

FTP Service

Microsoft File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Service supports FTP, the industry standard protocol used for transferring files between computers on a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network.
FTP was one of the earliest protocols used on TCP/IP networks and the Internet.
WWW and FTP sites enable you to use one computer to host multiple domain names. With only one computer and one installation of IIS, you are able to give the appearance of having "multiple computers" with a different WWW or FTP site on each "computer". For example, an Internet service provider (ISP) can use one computer running two Web sites to provide Web sites for two different companies, each with its own unique domain name and Internet Protocol (IP) address.
The ISP uses Internet Service Manager to create as many Web or FTP sites as needed for customers, and assign unique identification information and property settings on each one.
An unlimited number of sites can be created. When creating a very large number of sites, be sure to consider hardware limitations and upgrade hardware as necessary.

SMTP Service

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Service enables IIS to be an SMTP e-mail client. This exposes the capability for a Web based application to send and receive message. Also, administrators can receive e-mail driven by events on the Web server.
The SMTP Service:
  • Enables a Web site developer to program their site to send and receive SMTP e-mail messages.
  • Allows for a single mail drop to let customers respond to a bulk mailing.
  • Administrators can program Web Server to trigger an e-mail message when a particular event occurs.
  • Supports for a single e-mail drop on the Web Server so that the Web Server can receive message sent to it.

NNTP Service

Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)

The Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Service is a commercial grade standards based server for hosting electronic discussion groups, NNTP provides Internet sites and services with the means to:
  • Create public, read-only, moderated or private (authenticated) discussion groups.
  • Provide customers with access to remote discussion groups.
  • Provide secure authentication through standard Windows NT Server mechanism or encrypted clear text authentication using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • Provide encrypted access to newsgroups by using SSL.

IIS includes fully integrated setup and administration

Integrated Setup Wizard

The Integrated Setup Wizard provides users with a one step setup for the Windows NT Option Pack and all of its components. During setup, users select the components they wish to install and answer configuration questions. Then the wizard completes the setup process.

Microsoft Management Console

Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is an extensible user interface container for systems management applications. MMC combines the administrative tasks of IIS and associated components into a single integrated utility, enabling administrators to manage their Web servers with ease.

HTML based Administration

HTML based administration allows administrators to manage the Web Server or individual web sites remotely from any industry standard web browser that supports frames and JScript.

Command Line Administration Scripting

Command Line Administration Scripting allows administrators to manage their Web sites from the command line, providing administrators with the ability to write a script to automate repetitive tasks.

Windows Scripting Host

Windows Scripting Host is the language independent scripting host for 32-bit windows platforms. WSH enables you to execute scripts directly on the Windows desktop (wscript.exe) or command console (cscript.exe), without embedding those scripts in an HTML document. WSH is ideal for non-interactive scripts needs such as logon scripting and administrative scripting.


IIS helps users to develop and deploy web based applications

ntegration with Microsoft Transaction Server

Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) is a programming model that provides automatic support for transactions, thread management, database connection pooling, process isolation, and other mission critical programming functionality required for multiuser web server applications. MTS allows developers to capitalize on their existing knowledge of popular tools such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual J++ in creating desktop applications to create reliable and scalable data-driven web applications.
Process Isolation
Process isolation enables applications to run in a separate memory space from the Web and other applications. This provides a higher level of reliability for organizations running Web applications because Process isolation prevents an unstable application from crashing the server.
Active Server Pages
Active Server Pages is an open, compile free application environment in which developers can combine the ease of HTML with familiar tools like Visual Basic scripting and reusable Microsoft Active X server components to create dynamic and powerful websites. ASP enables server side scripting for IIS with native support for both VBScript and JScript.
The integration of IIS with Microsoft Transaction Server allows Report Writer to run as a component in the MTS environment and to take advantage of capabilities such as process isolation, transactions and scalability.
Server Side Java Virtual Machine
Server Side Java Virtual machine is a high performance and reliable Virtual Machine for creating and running Java components on the server. It provides developers with an industry standard, high performance platform for building and deploying Java based applications.

IIS Integrates security and authentication

Certificate Authentication

With certificate authentication, clients can be mapped to a Windows NT Server user account using the industry standard client certificates such as X.509 digital certificates. Using this feature, administrators are able to provide users with single logon servers to network resources using client certificates.
Certificate wild-card mapping allows administrators to authenticate users without having access to the actual certificate. This provides administrators with the ability to map users to a Windows NT server user account using third party certificates such as those issued by VeriSign.
Internet Domain Blocking
Domain blocking allows administrators to grant or deny access to content on their server by domain. Report Writer provides a reliable way for administrators to control access to content by either granting or denying access to content on the server to all the users from a a specified Internet domain.

IIS incorporates web publishing tools

Web Publishing Wizard

The Web Publishing Wizard (WPW) is a client side application that helps users post web pages to an IIS web site by automating the process of copying files from your computer to a web server. The WPW connects to the ISP, determine the protocol needed to copy the files, and uploads the files to the appropriate directory on the ISP computer.
Posting Acceptor
The Posting Acceptor is a component of Site Server Express. It enables IIS to accept Web content from the WPW, Netscape Navigator, Content Replication Server and other clients using HTTP.
Microsoft FrontPage 98 Server Extensions
IIS incorporates Microsoft FrontPage98 Server extensions, which allows users to take advantage of the administration features of FrontPage98 in managing their website.

Windows NT Server and Workstatation

Microsoft Windows NT Server

All of the features and components of IIS are fully supported on Windows NT server.Microsoft Windows NT Workstation
PWS running on Windows NT Workstation work well for personal publishing, workgroup site hosting and remote administration of an IIS server running on Windows NT Server. PWS running on Windows NT workstation provides all of the IIS functionality excpet:
  • Index Server
  • Certificate Server
  • Multiple Web Site Hosting
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) logging
  • Internet Protocol (IP) restrictions
  • Process isolation.

Configuring Operating System Prior to IIS Installation


Before installing IIS and associated components, make sure that your Windows operating system is setup with the following:

TCP/IP : IIS requires Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). TCP/IP provides the Internet connectivity necessary for retrieving data from the Internet and for hosting a site on the Internet.
NTFS : IIS require use of NTFS file system for SMTP service. NTFS allows users to limit access to files and directories on a Windows NT Server. The use of NTFS is key to maintaining a secure Internet server and is necessary component of SMTP service.
IP Address for Server : Simply installing components of the Windows NT Option Pack - including IIS does not require a static IP address. However, if you intend to use IIS to publish content to the Internet, you should have a static IP address or at least an address that very rarely changes.

Windows NT Security Features

Windows NT Security

You may want to review and enable Windows NT Server security features to help secure your IIS installation. These Windows NT security features include:
  • Using a complex password scheme.
  • Maintaining strict account policies such as limiting the Guest account to specific directories on the server.
  • Limiting the membership of the administrators group.
  • Running only the service and protocols required by your system.
  • Checking permission on network shares.
  • Enabling auditing.
  • Formatting drives as NTFS and applying appropriate permissions.

Minimum Installatioin for Microsoft Internet Information Server

The minimum installation option conserves hard

disk space and offers the following limited components:

  • Internet Information Server - A Web server that uses TCP/IP to host Web sites on the corporate Intranet or the Internet.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Service - Installs the necessary components to operate an FTP server.
  • SMTP Service - Supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
  • Microsoft Management Console (MMC) - Provides the ability to custom design administration tools taht "snap-in". The MMC creates a uniform look and feel, regardless of the administration tool being used.
  • Internet Service Manager snap-in - Offers complete control of your Web and FTP sites with a wizard driven graphical interface.
  • Internet Service Manager (HTML) - Administers your Web and FTP sites from across the Intranet or Internet by using a Web browser.
  • Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) - A transaction processing system for developing, deploying and managing distributed server applications. A transaction is a server operation that succeeds or fails as a whole, even if the operating system involves many steps. MTS also supports process isolation of applications.
  • Microsoft Data Access Components - Eases use of databases with support for a variety of connections including Microsoft Active X Data Objects with Remote Data Service and OLEDB.
  • Windows NT Option Pack Common Files - Core program files needed by all components.

Typical Installation of IIS

The Typical Installation

option includes all the components offered in the minimum installation option in addition to the following components:

Active Server Pages: Enables you to use server side scripting and components to create browser independent dynamic content.
Documentation : Provides you with online documentation covering server administration, content management, and content development, including indexing, scripting and programming.
Front Page Extensions: Makes it possible for you to use Microsoft FrontPage to manage your Web site and to create the web site content.
Index Server: Creates a site index and search for text in a variety of formats.
Microsoft Script Debugger: Provides you with a comprehensive debugging environment for testing and correcting errors in your Web document scripts. You can use Microsoft Script Debugger to debug both client scripts and server scripts.
Windows Scripting Host : Enables you to use Cscript or Wscript to administer servers from the command line.

Custom Installation of IIS

How to Install IIS

The custom installation option offers a choice of all components included with the Windows NT Option Pack. In addition to the previously listed components, the following options are available:
Certificate Server : Enables you to issue your own client and server certificates.
Internet Connection Services for RAS : Core Windows NT services that facilitate the creation of secure, seamless virtual private networks (VPN) and improved dial-up connections.
NNTP Service: Support Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) used for discussion groups.
Site Server Express: Makes it possible for you to analyze activity logs to determine site usage statistics and check links on your Web site to be sure they are functioning properly.
Visual InterDev RAD Remote Deployment Support: Enables the remote deployment of applications on your Web server.

Microsoft Management Console (MMC)


The primary management interface for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

A cross application and shared management tool, the MMC provides a framework for administering multiple network management programs. In addition to being included as a component for the Microsoft Windows NT Option Pack, the MMC will be incorporated into Windows NT.

The MMC console by itself does not provide any functionality, but it does provide a common environment for snap-ins. Snap-ins provide the actual management environment for each associated product. For IIS, the implemented snap-in is Internet Service Manager. When you start Internet Service Manager, the MMC starts and loads the Internet Service Manager snap-in.

In future release of all Microsoft BackOffice products, including Windows NT, administrative tools will be converted to MMC snap-ins. MMC specifications are also available to third party companies and many third party software vendors will ship products managed by snap-ins. Example of these tools include the Microsoft Active X, Real Audio controls, Wrag Image Edit controls and Microsoft Certificate mapper. Administrators can create or purchase additional tools to be used with specific snap-ins.

Benefits of MMC

MMC provides many advantages to server administrators:


The MMC enables total console customization. Administrators can create management consoles that include only the exact administrative tools they need. Customization helps make administration more task-oriented. A customized tool set will related more closely to the tasks an administrator needs to perform as apposed to a large array of objects and features, only a few of which are used.

Integration and Commonality

MMC provides common framework in which snap-ins can run, making it possible for administrators to manage various network products by using a single integrated interface. Because all snap-ins run in the same framework and must conform to the same specifications, the look and feel of each will be similar. This makes learning to use each tool easier for administrators.

Flexibility in Choosing Tools and Products

MMC does not restrict users to any specific protocols, enabling them to choose the best product of each type. Users can manage tools seamlessly, without compatibility problems.


MMC Interface

An MMC console window has two panes. The left pane (the scope pane) shows a tree view of the namespace, which is the hierarchy of all the item that can currently be managed by MMC. Each item (called a node) is one of a variety of objects, tasks or containers that serve as management tools.

You administer the network by taking action on the contents of the result pane (the right pane) or by using commands in toolbars or command menus.
Command menus and bands on the Rebar (the lowest bar above the scope and result panes) adjust automatically to correspond to the node selected.

You can create multiple windows within the MMC. Each window can have a different view of the current namespace. The console always has one current master namespace, each child window may just provide a different view of that master namespace. Multiple windows enable you to view and switch to multiple parts of the console interface at once.

Features associated with the MMC interface

The following is a summary of the features associated with the MMC interface:

Scope pane : the left window in the MMC, the scope pane corresponds to the left pane in Microsoft Windows NT Explorer. The scope pane lists all the services that can be administered through the MMC. This may include multiple servers and multiple services, such as Microsoft Transaction server and FTP server.
Results pane : The right window in the MMC, the results pane corresponds to the right pane in the Windows NT Explorer. When you select a node in the scope pane, the result pane displays a list of all elements and services that fall within the domain of that selected node.
Rebar : The MMC has three menu bars. The lowest of these three is the Rebar. The Rebar consists of Action and View pull down menus, plus two additional toolbars or bands. The commands associated with Rebar menus and bands all change with respect to the selected node. Functions tied to individual services such as the Performance Monitor for IIS are all found on the Rebar.
Nodes: Nodes, which appear in the tree view of the scope pane, are instances of individual services. For example, a computer on a network or a Web service on a particular server may appear as as node in the scope pane of the MMC. You can open the property sheets of any node by right clicking on it and selecting Properties from the pop up menu.
Icons: The icons in the scope pane depict an object, service or item.

Saving and Restoring a Console File

How to Save Console File

Once you have have created a console you like by loading snap-ins and arranging windows, you can save the console to a file with the default extension of .MSC
Loading the file later recreates the saved console state.
Save console files called tools are not tied to large amounts of managed data, so it is practical to create multiple console files and to share them by e-mail or other means. Tools can be shared as read only, so the people receiving and using them cannot change them.
To save a console:
  1. On the Console menu, click Save Console As.
  2. Type a name for the file in the File name box, and then click Save.
To restore a console file when you are not already running MMC
  1. Double click the .msc file in Windows NT Explorer
  2. Click Start, click Run and then specify the save console file name in the Open dialog box.
To load a saved console from within MMC
  1. On the console menu, click Open.
  2. Type the file name and then click Open.

IIS Administrative Tools

  1. Internet Service Manager Snap-in
  2. Internet Service Manager (HTML)
  3. Scripting

Configure IIS setting through the MMC.

There are two primary tools provided to perform administrative functionality with IIS. The Internet Service Manager snap-in allows you to configure IIS setting through the MMC.
The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) version of the Internet Service Manager allows you to configure IIS settings remotely via Web access. Additionally, you can also use scripting to automate management of IIS routines.

Internet Service Manager Snap-in

Internet Service Manager (ISM).

The specific MMC snap-in that allows users to configure IIS is called the Internet Service Manager (ISM).
The ISM helps to configure and monitor all IIS services running on a Windows NT Server network operating system. Starting the ISM adds a node to the MMC from which you can administer IIS services.
To start the Internet Service manager:
  • Click Start, point to Programs, point to Windows NT Option Pack, point to Microsoft Internet Information Server, and then click Internet Service Manager.
This opens the MMC main window and one child window.

Band of Administrative Tools For The Server On The Rebar

Tools For The Server

The ISM snap-in provides the following band of administrative tools for the server on the Rebar of the child window:
  • User Manager : To manage user and group accounts
  • Server Manager : To manage server properties, services and file sharing.
  • Event Viewer : To monitor server hits and record network related events.
  • Performance Monitor : To monitor server performance.
  • Key Manager : To manage user authentication codes.
ISM provides additional administrative functions such as creating directories and configuring property sheets through the Action menu on the Rebar.

Internet Service Manager

Service Manager ??

With IIS, you can manage your servers remotely from anywhere on the Internet or company Intranet. Managers can conduct WWW and FTP administration from a Web browser in what is known as HTML administration or HTMLA. However, you cannot manager SMTP or NNTP services using HTMLA.

The HTML version of the Internet Service Manager provides most of the same features and functions of the ISM snap-in for the MMC. A user can manage accounts, track event logs, monitor performance, adjust server properties, administer authentication keys, and perform other server management functions using either HTMLA or the MMC. Although HTMLA offers many of the same features as the snap-in property changes such as certificate mapping which require co-ordination with Windows NT utilities cannot be made with HTMLA.
The HTMLA tool relies on integrated component architecture.

COM and DCOM standards

COM: Component Object Model

the basis of OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) and Active X technologies is the Microsoft software component model. COM components are encapsulated objects that have a set of structured interfaces. This standardization enables different applications or components to communicate freely with one another.

DCOM : Distributed Component Object Model
Distributed Component Object Model provides distributed services to COM. Such services allows various components to communicate easily across a network. As a single vendor standard DCOM represents a uniform interoperability mechanism.

Web Hosting for Beginners

When a new user comes in hosting industry then there is a great chances for him/her to trap in the hosts because of cheap or free hosting plan offers so there is no doubt that every one out there on internet look for cheap or free hosting, it is very much important to make decisions thinking of long term prospects..

One of the reason is free sites or free hosting does not have any guarantee; there is a chance to be removed tomorrow. The most important reason I like to highlight that, it leads your site permanently removed from search engines too. There are billions of sites are coming up day by day. The popularity of site is much depend up the maturity of it and it place in search engines natural ways, once you get your site deleted from there it is very hard to bring back the new things again as the vacuum was immediately filled by others.

Free hosting or free sites are usually supported by advertisements and other stuffs. You have created a free site in sub domain and also find good free hosting. There are hell and heaven difference between a top level domain and a free sub domain. Domains are unique and represent the status of you. No other competitor of yours can steal your name and in matter of time your clients will memories the name.
Through this you can avoid the bad hosts.

Web Server Hosting Types

In present market there is lots types of server hosting is going on mainly you can choose from depending on what type of web development and web site that you want to host.
Like if you talk about dial up hosting then this is the most basic access or hosting service and these providers also provides a web page for hosting your site. Dial-up access hosting was the first hosting available and is still around. Most ISP's specialize in just internet access and it's rare that you will see an ISP do both. These companies make their money off of providing access to the Internet.
If we talk about development hosting then web site developers are buying their own servers and offering independent hosting services for their clients. This is called development hosting in which they provide web development services along with a host server located at their place of business. The consumer gets charged for the development and the maintenance of the web-site.
For web hosting development isp then means these are companies that specialize in hosting business web sites. There is no dial up access needed and site owners access their pages via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This is what the majority of small businesses use to put their site information on the internet. Other services are also included in the Web Hosting ISP package depending on their service plans.
So can choose a plan according to you.

Webhosting Explained

As far as concerned about web host then web hosts are service companies that provide space on their servers for internet users. Web hosts provide online systems for internet connectivity and for storing information, image mediums and other internet content. For the company interested in conducting business on the web, the proper choice of web host is a crucial step in any internet marketing plan.

There are several types of web hosting available. Free hosting is the least costly, but the most limited with regard to services and space; though a free web host may be a consideration for an individual professional or small business to start out. The restrictions on advertising, bandwidth and permissible edit sites, may be limiting for a company looking for rapid growth.

Reseller hosting allows an e-business to obtain a large amount of bandwidth and space on its account and divide the space as it sees fit. This is similar to a shared hosting because your server is placed on the same server as others. But you can decide on the amount of the divisions and with whom to share.

What Some Web Hosts Dont Want You To Know

Apart of big customer support lot of web hosts never tells you the real business story and many start-up web hosts in their desperate attempt to get hosting business from you have plenty to hide. Here are some of the things they will never tell you. For some start-up web hosts, service does not exist. Low cost or budget web hosting services are the ones most likely to fall under this category. Some will not provide any information about their service while others will proudly announce that they provide 24/7 service.

Many of the low-cost web hosts have little experience in web hosting. A good way to find out about the level of service is to get the service telephone number and use it before you sign on. This should tell you a lot about the level of service you should realistically expect from the host you want to use.
The other common truth amongst many web-hosting enterprises is that they lack experience. So you should be very careful about that.

Windows vs Linux : Hosting

Between linux and window which one is best for hosting option then Linux and Windows 2000 are types of software that web servers use to do the kind of things that web servers do. You do not need to know any real detail of either to make a decision as to which you need but here a few guidelines. If you use a windows desktop PC doesn't mean you have to opt for Windows web hosting.

The operating system you use on your desktop has little to do with your choice of web hosts. As long as you understand how to use your FTP or web publishing software, your can use either operating system.
When it comes to Web hosting, Linux has, for some time, been widely considered the best OS for Web servers. It's typically found to be the most reliable, stable and efficient system and, as such, it's commonly used for the demanding environment of Web and mail servers. Indeed, Most of the clients websites of alpha NET runs on the Linux OS precisely because of this traditional stability.

Are Free Webhosting Accounts Really Free

Lot of companies are just announce for free web hosting account but does they give it? Actually many free web hosting accounts are free to use, however they will cost you a lot of money, time, and customers as well if you have a site that is meant for business purposes and is more than the simplest site imaginable.
Mainly there is bandwidth also plays an important role so frequently, free web hosting providers offer you little bandwidth which means it will take longer for your page to load. When your page takes more than 10 seconds to load you will lose visitors because they will simply move on.
Many free web hosting companies are free to you, however, you will have advertising posted on your website as well as pop up ads. Most people do not like this and will not visit your site because of it. Be careful about signing up with a free web hosting company that uses advertising. It might not bother you, but it will probably affect your traffic and sales.

Benefits of Web Hosting and Choice of a Web Host

Through the web hosting business you can earn more apart of in place of small amount web hosting is the ability to move a business or information, product content, research to the Internet.

It has lot of benefits like advertising your business ideas and potentials on the internet in today's world more and more people are driven by the need to have Information, on anything from Tourism, to potential businesses, the safest Banks etc.

Web hosting also provides jobs for people who can act as resellers for web hosting companies or act as server based Network or Affiliates to other web hosting companies who pay commissions to such clients.
So you can get more and more money because to choose web-hosting companies that will offer you other services like free domains or web space, web designing script management and web templates.

Best Web Hosting Company - Find The Most Affordable Host

For any kind of site a host is needed so the first things on your agenda will be finding good, dependable, affordable web hosting for your site. In most cases, a free hosting service isn't going to work.

You can choose a host but first you should think about your demands like if you plan to host a web-based community forum, you'll probably need a web host that provides PHP and an SQL database. If, on the other hand, you're planning on running Active Server Pages, or .NET applications, you'll need a server running Windows rather than a UNIX or Linux code base.

Add-ons can turn an affordable web hosting package into an expensive proposition before you know it. Most hosting packages will allow you to add on a la carte items as you need them, but it can get pricey quickly. your web hosting provider should acknowledge any request for help within an hour with an estimated time of completion. So in this way you can choose a affordable host.

Changing to a New Host?

If you are totally puzzled from your last host due to any of reason you can change your host for this first of all, it's very important to have a backup of your website and everything related to it, like databases, scripts etc. It will be very helpful in case there is data loss because of any unforeseen reason. Save at least 2 copies of everything and store them separately, so that you can work with one and the other one will function as a backup. You can take backup in various ways.

Once you have taken a new web-hosting plan and you are ready to upload your web pages, databases etc., check that you have received an IP number, FTP or FrontPage login, and password from your new hosting company. Now, upload all your files to the new server.

Before transferring your DNS servers over from your previous host to your new one, debug and test the new site from an individual IP number. Check that all the web pages exist, the links point to the right pages and that all your scripts are running.

Choosing a Hosting Service

For hosting your site you need a host but now the time hosting companies are paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. Some companies come with guarantees, too. Recommendations from other business owners and web designers are excellent ways to find a good hosting service.

The hosting companies can grow with you. If they only offer one package, and you need more, your web site maybe down for up to 2 days and or you may have to change the code on any forms you use to match the new server settings.
There should be some quality in the company like:
  • This is a hosting company you can easily afford.
  • They offer a Money Back Guarantee.
  • They have information on their site about server uptime/downtime.
  • The company contacts me, at my primary email address, when/if there are any server problems.
They provide at least 5 POP email accounts your email accounts should include Alias Accounts, which look like a POP account to the person sending you an email, however, the address is actually an alias that's forwarded to any other email account you choose.

Does Your Host Fight Spam?

Is your host is capable to fight with spams? Then your answer is very important actually Website hosting companies generally provide their clients email accounts for use with their domain, but are you with a host that provides those email accounts with Spam and virus protection?

Webmasters shouldn't need to seek out local filters for their site's contact email addresses. There are a variety of server level solutions a hosting company can offer to protect their users from unwanted emails. A most basic step is provision of a very rudimentary blacklist functionality to their users, allowing them to prevent future Spam emails from arriving from the same address.

More advanced server level Spam filters are available. A small advance is accomplished using keyword filters. Keyword filters merely check for instances of a certain string of characters and deny the message if that string if found.
Currently the most sophisticated filtering methods use Bayesian inferences. Bayesian filters take a large data set and determine the probability a message is Spam based on its similarity to previous Spam messages.

Free Web Hosting

For free web hosting you should look for some features like:
A brand new hosting provider which boasts features that are too good to be true usually won't last for too long. They were offering 500MB of storage, 10GB of bandwidth per month, domain hosting, unlimited domain parking, CPanel with just about all possible features, absolutely no ads and this only for 150 posts in their forum.
If the site looks like it was bought from a man in a white van, or if it's using a design from a free template site, it's probably just a waste of time.
Advertising placed on your web space is how free web hosting providers support their service. Having someone else's ads displayed on your page is usually the price you have to pay for their free service. There are a select few hosts that won't plug in banners or other forms of advertising in exchange for your performing other services in their favor.
Forums, guest books, counters, polls are always nice features to add to your site. If you can't or don't want to handle installing such an addon from a third party you could look for a host that already provides it.
Also consider going with a host that will offer you a paid subscription if you go over this quota instead of simply blocking access to your page. On these basis you can choose a free web hosting.

How to Choose a Hosting Web Package Cheap

You can get a cheap hosting but the thing which is very important is this to find a hosting web package cheap you really need to do your homework and search the internet for the right host for you. But beware, just because a company might offer a hosting web package cheap you really need to look at what the package offers.
Many companies offering a hosting web package cheap may only give you a limited amount of Disk Space like 100 or 150 MB(megabytes).If you want an ecommerce site then you may need more disk space if you plan on having more customers. Another thing to look for when trying to find a hosting web package cheap is the amount of Transfer they give you. Transfer is the traffic or the amount of visitors that they allow to come to your site. If the amount of visitors exceeds what they offer in there hosting package, they may charge you more per month for extra Transfer. Again with a cheaper hosting package you may only get 10 or 15 GB(gigabytes) of Transfer. Common Gateway Interface, is a protocol script used to make your site dynamic. Flash banners, moving objects. With the right web design program or scripting knowledge and a host that offers CGI you can easily bring your site to life.

Linux Web Hosting: The All You Need to Know

Linux hosting is also famous now the time but Linux web hosting is so named, based on the operating system on which the web server software, database, and coding conventions reside. The functionality and robust nature of Linux has definitely made it a very viable alternative to Microsoft and Unix-based operating systems. Linux is now recognized worldwide as an enduring network, file/print, and web server operating system. Endearingly called a LAMP server, the Linux web hosting model is based on the server having a LINUX operating system, an APACHE web server application, a MYSQL database, and a PHP server markup coding application.
The advantages of Linux-based web hosting surround the premises of reliability, security, functionality, and price. In the case of reliability, there have been documented cases of Linux servers running for one year without technical difficulty or downtime.
Security is a bittersweet advantage. While out-of-the box installations may have known security vulnerabilities, Linux is continually evolving patches to make the operating system more bullet-proof, and overall, provide a greater degree of security than most Windows-based installations.

Niche Hosting

Niche hosting means an environment where hosting can be perfect so there The customer is the king. He is an individual and has his needs well defined. The internet maybe the Goliath, but each customer is the bird's eye. The challenge for the web host is thus in finding the bird's eye. Webhost need to create plans which suit the customer's needs rather than just focusing on things like price, uptime, reliability, support and so onwhich are all important. At the same time all decent webhosts today can offer similar plans , prices, guarantees and support.
If the cheapest host offered the best features and the maximum bandwidth and disk space. Finally, we concluded that the largest host would be the cheapest host with the maximum bandwidth and diskspace, with the greatest support and this host would have ads all over the place. This may actually work out for many, but the Return of Investment (ROI) may take more than a life-time.
webmasters only. Webmasters generally have more than one site. Hosting is not their prime business and they want an affordable solution.

The Point Web Hosting Checklist

When we consider a web hosting company then it should mainly made up of different thing like first of all there should be a powerful technical support.
The other thing is that more uptime they guarantee, the better. 99% uptime is the minimum acceptable standard. I look for 99% plus guaranteed uptime.
Decide how much disk space you will require. A web page with one logo does not take up much web space at all. Calculate how big your web site is in relation to the disk space allotted.
The bandwidth is also important because this factor is usually overlooked until the bandwidth limit is reached. If you go over your allotted bandwidth, you will get a hefty bill. If you are running a site with lots of downloads, or a site with lots of images such at a photo post site, your bandwidth will be a lot higher than a site with mainly text.

The Problem with Free Web Hosting Plans

when w choose a web host then there will be lot of problems comes we can discuss here some of them like jam of the traffic due to the bottom line in web hosting is that bandwidth costs money and if your plan is free it is most likely your bandwidth will be limited.
In almost every case free web hosting plans do not allow you to point a domain name ( to an actual page. Instead you are forced to use a concept called URL redirection. URL redirection allows a webmaster to identify a site that the URL should point to.
free web hosting is not the way to go it is possible to find a free web host that works for you. There are some out there that do not force advertising, do not limit your bandwidth, and will allow pointed domains.
There are some drawbacks for customers who have taken free web hosting. The company which is providing free web hosting may be advertising space or other products for which a customer has to pay alongside. There should be sufficient bandwidth and data according to the customer’s needs and there is also a possibility of upgradation to paid package in nearby future. Generally companies are providing “unlimited” bandwidth but usually traffic will be completed and this will be charged for exceeding the “unlimited” transfer amount. If company is offering “unlimited data” then customer need not get distracted with this offer as if customer is making website without video or music then it need less than 20 GB of disk space.

Best Website Hosting is One That's Reliable

If you are looking for a solid, reliable web host, it's important to look online for recommendations of reliable web hosting companies. Cpwebhosting is a big name in web hosting that you can feel comfortable trusting your hosting to.
If you have an online business that you are looking for hosting for, it's important to find a web host that has 99% uptime. If you have a business that's making $100 or more a day in sales, it's a big deal if your host is down for even a few hours.
As a business owner, you have probably spent your time and money marketing your business to get visitors to your website and the last thing you want is for the customers to finally come and then find that your site is down and leave, forever.
An important factor when looking for a web host online is price. The cost of losing sales if your host goes down for a few hours can make the monthly cost you are paying for hosting seem insignificant.
Make sure when you buy your hosting, that it has all of the features your website will need support for. What programming languages are used in your website, PHP? SSI? Make sure your host supports these languages before you sign up. Every host will have a list on their website of supported programming languages. If you are going to be using Microsoft FrontPage to build your website, you will want to make sure that FrontPage plug-ins are offered by the web host.
Also, make sure the package offers enough disc space for your site. If your website is small, under a couple hundred pages, the most basic packages will probably have more than enough space for your website.

Choosing a Right Web Hosting Solution

it is important to do some research before choosing a right hosting solution, so that you can give your business a kick start and escaped from possibilities of financial debts.
A website is an important identity of yours and it is the responsibilities of the host make it visible at World Wide Web. Selecting the right solution for your business will provide greater impact on your business.
Knowledge makes the difference: There are lots of myth spreads about choosing a solution from Dedicated hosting provider or a Hosting Reseller. A Dedicated service provider for uninterrupted services and a reseller hosting who will be able to provide a better support. It is always better to choose a company who sells straight forward plans with dedicated support and have enough domain knowledge.
If your site is a database driven and require custom or readymade script installations, You should check if the components required by site are preinstalled on the server. You can make a checklist and ask your hosting provider if they will be complying with all the requirements. Some companies also provide hosting with preinstalled scripts/software's which you can install and start using in minutes without spending much time on developing and installing it. It is always advisable to check the complete features of the software's, which meets your present requirements as well as have the latest version installed. You may choose an advance hosting plan and check the required features.
If your site is a high traffic one and required concurrent up gradations and installations of the scripts, you should go for a dedicated hosting service. It is always advisable to have a managed dedicated server with all the latest components installed with it. This will give you freedom to upgrade your site or application at any point of time, done by you only.

Multiple Domain Web Hosting

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Affordable Website Hosting

In the modern world, the world of information and communication, technologies make the Internet an indispensable part of our life and business. In this 'dot com' virtual world web hosting is a service that can easily bring good return on investments in short periods of time and with low initial costs. So why don't to take all the advantages of this trend and provide people so indispensable services along with making profits?

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Our affordable reseller website hosting allows you to start your own web hosting business without having to buy your own server and hiring professional service staff. We provide you with affordable website hosting and you can sell even unlimited hosting space with our plans. You don't have to be a computer and internet technologies expert in order to start your profitable reselling business.

All our affordable reseller hosting accounts come with anonymous name servers. You may be rest assured that if you don't want your clients being aware that you are a reseller, they will never find it out. With affordable reseller website hosting solutions from you will become a private label web hosting provider without any need to invest in equipment and service.

Linux Hosting Plan

If you're going to get top-notch quality Linux hosting plan, with you can be rest assured that our Linux hosting plans will provide you with all necessary tools and options you may need for successful and reliable website performance. is a reputable Linux hosting company that offers you quality and full-featured shared Linux web hosting plans and reseller Linux hosting plans for individual and small business needs. Linux hosting plans are very popular among webmasters and website owners all over the World as UNIX servers are considerably reliable and universally accessible. UNIX systems can run for months without the need for rebooting them. With every our Linux hosting plan you are allowed to host dynamic content by using additional features such as PHP/CGI programming languages and MySQL databases.

Whether you are looking for shared or reseller Linux hosting solutions, welcome to our website! You will find here a wide range of the most affordable and reliable Linux web hosting plans to choose the one to meet all your specific needs and requirements. Whatever Linux hosting plan you choose, you will get the wizard-style interface control panel that will allow you to easily manage all your websites. Any our Linux hosting plan will be set up within 24 hours from the moment of ordering.

We are also ready to offer you reseller Linux web hosting plans that not only enhance your required disk space and bandwidth volume in comparison with shared hosting, but provide you with an opportunity to become a hosting reseller yourself. With quality and affordable Linux web hosting plans from you may be rest assured to get 24/7 online technical support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Are your Web Hosting costs too high?

To select the right web host is an important aspect in lowering your web hosting costs. To find a right web host is not a difficult task but it's a very time consuming task. There are few things in mind while exploring and when deciding to form a partnership with the host. Below are few things to consider which directly attribute to final cost:
  • Disk Space Knowing how much web space your web site needs and compensating for a bit extra, for growth.
  • Bandwidth Figure out how much bandwidth (data transfer) your web site uses. As above, ensure you get more bandwidth than your site uses.
  • Block buying Ask the web host if they have \'block buying\' facilities for purchasing projected extra disk space or bandwidth. But, be careful, if your web site needs only 2 GB extra bandwidth, you may have to buy an extra package in blocks of 5GB bandwidth; in this case, look for the host which will allow you to purchase extra disk space and bandwidth allowance as per your needs, this is crucial to cost savings.
  • Number of web sites if you have more than one web site, sign up an account with a web host who provides multiple domains hosted on one account; this will work out a lot cheaper than an account per website.
  • Applications and databases Ensure that all the applications your web site uses are supported within the chosen account type. Find out if there are any extra fees for particular applications or associated database support
  • Mail Server Emails are the lifeblood of your online business. Ensure that you get a sufficient number of email addresses with your own domain name these are necessary for other email features like forwarders, and auto responders, etc. There is no need to pay an extra fee for use of a mail server as many hosts offer this service now for free, within the hosting plan.
  • Avoid long-term contracts Many web hosts offer huge discounts on yearly or half yearly payments in advance, this may appear a good way to go, but note how long you are locked in. Paying on a monthly basis obviously has its benefits. If there are concerns with your service encouraging you to seek a new host elsewhere, you may lose out on many months of hosting fees when breaking a yearly or half-yearly contract; but, if the necessity arises, a loss of only a few days to close a troublesome account, is preferable.
Savings are mostly a matter of common sense, but in this industry of high technology most people forget this rule and try to look for the best, most efficient and most expensive technical programs and software to save them a buck or two. As in most businesses good cost effective groundwork is the best start to cutting costs.

Is Your Web Host A Paddle Boat Or A Cruise Ship?

A paddle boat is great for fun on a day off! But would you consider taking it to the open sea? A cruise ship on the other hand is ideally suited for pampering its guests with every facility imaginable for the vacation of your dreams!
Applying this analogy to web hosting can help you make a wise decision if you are currently 1) new to internet business and looking for that first web host, or 2) up and running but thinking the time has come to upgrade to a higher level.
Web hosts fall generally into 3 categories. They are:
1) Free Services
2) Budget Hosts
3) Full Service
Let\'s take a look at each category.
1.Free Services
If you want to run a home page for personal interest for family and friends, great! If you want to ease into the internet cautiously, great. offers a good free service with reasonable support. In short, if you merely want to paddle around, have a little fun, gain some experience, these services are fine. For serious business however you really need your own domain name, not someone else\'s. Cpwebhosting takes the edge off by allowing your name to come first in the URL
2.Budget Hosts
You get what you pay for, generally. Many may knock the value of budget hosts. If you are running a serious business, then probably this kind of package would not give enough stability or features.
If you merely want to paddle account have a little fun gain some experience, these services are fine. For serious business however you really need your own domain name, not someone else's. Cpwebhosting takes the edge off by allowing the
3.Full Service
If your business is taking off and you need 24 hour full support with all the \'bells and whistles\' then this is the way to go. If your internet business is your main stay then you need a \'cruise ship\' company who are going to give you professional top of the line facilities and service.
See if there are good shopping cart facilities so you can easily set up your online store. Managing your post office and auto responders should also be easy through a friendly interface with good web hosts.
Look for 24 hour technical support and immediate response to customer needs. Some even have a troubleshooting crack force which can give a response usually within an hour or two.
Choosing a web host or changing a web host is one of those decisions which will have a massive impact on your business. Use the 3 category test above and decide where you are going! Then decide whether to jump into a paddle boat or book yourself a ticket on a cruise ship for a happy trouble free experience.

To Share or Not To Share?

When looking for a hosting solution for your web site you'll discover you have the choice of shared or dedicated hosting.
Shared hosting is what it says it is. Your web site shares a server with other web sites. You don't have access to the other web sites files, they don't have access to yours and you don't share a domain name. What you do share is the machine and the scripts that are pre-installed on it. Why would you do this? Because it's cheaper.
The cost of setting up a server machine is not inexpensive. Even relatively large web sites are only a few hundred megabytes, so today's computers with multiple hard drives are easily able to handle the space. There can be as many as one or two hundred web sites on a shared server.
You'll find there are different platforms available in shared hosting too. You will find Unix/Linux or Windows NT/2000 as your platform. You don't have to choose the platform your PC is running. This has nothing to do with what the server needs to operate on. Unix platforms are very stable and are perfect if you have a site using mostly HTML pages, PHP or CGI. If you are using scripting such as Active Server Pages, have designed your web site using FrontPage, or need access to a Microsoft Access or SQL Server database, you need a Windows platform.
Shared hosting usually comes with a heap of extras and most are included in the price. You can get email, auto-responders, pre-installed scripts including counters and mail scripts, password protected directories, your own cgi-bin, and browser based control panels, secure directories and more.
However, if you need complete control of your server, you need a dedicated server. Obviously if you're not going to share the server with anyone, it is going to be more expensive.
Dedicated servers are usually only required by experienced developers. If you're not sure if you need a dedicated server, then you probably only need shared hosting.