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The directory we are looking through at the moment suggests not expensive web hosting reseller free articles where we will be able to come across with low-priced reseller hosting solutions that will perfectly match our web hosting requirements
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Reseller's plus and minuses 

Reseller web hosting can be a great way to earn some extra money on the side for our business or even a full-time job once we get into it.
Though this can be a great way to do business, it can come with some un-foreseen downsides, headaches and a whole lot more.
We can't be successful at it, but we must first take the steps to assure that down the road it doesn't ruin our business.
An important part when dealing with reseller hosting is that some of the control has been taking out of our hands.
This is important because we have to trust in the company we are doing business with and this limits to some things we can do.
Experience in reselling, the worst thing we can face when reselling hosting is having a great amount of downtime.
If we ever want to have some bad emails from our clients, choose a host that doesn't have good uptime.
The company we are going through may not be as professional as we and they figure what is a few hours of waiting to get our site up, Right? Wrong The worse thing we have seen is clients sites going down.

The best thing to do before going with a hosting company is to get a list of reference sites if we can, to see if they go down.

if the company has good or bad service, then there will be people out there to comment on this, trust me. Also don't be afraid to email those people who had a problem with that hosting company and ask them what exactly happened.

The term Reseller according to the dictionary means to sell again i.e. to sell a product or service to the public or to an end user, especially as an authorized dealer, while making sure that we make a profit on the sale.
Reseller hosting is no different either, a reseller buys a Web hosting package from a hosting company and tries to sell it independently. The profit for the reseller lies in either the discount or in the commission she or he gets from selling an account.
The reseller might purchase a package whose features are valued at $100 for $90. So, the reseller stands to make a $10 profit on selling the package to customers. Normally as the customers increase, so does the profit margin for the reseller.
We can get some money by earning commissions from a hosting company. This happens when we refer potential customers to the hosting company. If the customer signs up with the company then we earn a small recurring commission until the customer uses the services.
Most web hosting companies try to outsource their services to resellers as it helps them to extend their business reach without the cost of marketing and sales and also helps them to concentrate on the business side of things.
As a reseller we can decide what kinds of services we can sell. we can provide shared, dedicated or co-location web hosting or merchant accounts, store fronts etc.
If we go with hosting then it might be useful to offer some other hosting related services like domain names, search engines etc.
Of course, if we have problems selling these value added services in the beginning then we can sell them later.The cost and resources involved
The cost of becoming a reseller and the equipment and people required in order to be successful depends on many factors.

Shared reseller hosting

These days, everyone wants to build a website. Domain names are the latest craze when it comes to the virtual world.
The story goes that one can make millions by just fidgeting on the computer. True or false, most people are ready to believe it. Everyone wants to make a quick buck, and if the Internet is the one making the offers, let us all just keep on lapping it up.
However, having a website is not all that easy. There are several things that one has to take care of. A successful website needs a lot of attention.
Now before we move off to actually finding a low priced hosting deal, decide what type of web hosting would suit us best.
There are three basic types of hosting services. These are the free, shared, and reseller hosting services. Free web hosting should not be used if we want to have a very successful website. If we want services that offer us more facilities, we are going to have to pay for them.
A shared web hosting service uses the same server as several other sites. On the other hand, in reseller web hosting, the website owner himself can host his own sites.

The web hosting service that we ultimately choose would come to depend entirely on our ability and resources.
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