Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Choosing a Hosting Service

For hosting your site you need a host but now the time hosting companies are paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. Some companies come with guarantees, too. Recommendations from other business owners and web designers are excellent ways to find a good hosting service.

The hosting companies can grow with you. If they only offer one package, and you need more, your web site maybe down for up to 2 days and or you may have to change the code on any forms you use to match the new server settings.
There should be some quality in the company like:
  • This is a hosting company you can easily afford.
  • They offer a Money Back Guarantee.
  • They have information on their site about server uptime/downtime.
  • The company contacts me, at my primary email address, when/if there are any server problems.
They provide at least 5 POP email accounts your email accounts should include Alias Accounts, which look like a POP account to the person sending you an email, however, the address is actually an alias that's forwarded to any other email account you choose.

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