Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Core Components of the IIS Platform

Following elements of the Windows Option Pack

are considered core components of the IIS platform:

Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
A tool to create consoles for performing administrative tasks on your network. MMC integrates all the tools, information, Web Pages and views of the network an administrator needs to perform specific tasks.
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
The standards based Web application server for Windows NT Server.
IIS is both a web server for corporate Intranets and public internet sites and the superior platform for the next generation of line of business applications.
Microsoft Certificate Server
Certificate Server provides customizable services for issuing and managing digital certificates. You can use these certificates for secure e-mail and to authenticate clients and server on the Internet and corporate Intranets.
Microsoft Index Server
Index server will index the contents and properties of documents on an Internet or Intranet. Web site served by IIS.
Index server can be set up so clients can search a web site with any browser by filling in the fields of a query from formatted Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
MTS is component based transaction processing system for developing, deploying and managing high performance, scalable and robust server applications. MTS defines a programming model and provided a run-time environment and graphical administration tool for managing enterprise applications.

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