Tuesday, 24 April 2018

IIS includes fully integrated setup and administration

Integrated Setup Wizard

The Integrated Setup Wizard provides users with a one step setup for the Windows NT Option Pack and all of its components. During setup, users select the components they wish to install and answer configuration questions. Then the wizard completes the setup process.

Microsoft Management Console

Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is an extensible user interface container for systems management applications. MMC combines the administrative tasks of IIS and associated components into a single integrated utility, enabling administrators to manage their Web servers with ease.

HTML based Administration

HTML based administration allows administrators to manage the Web Server or individual web sites remotely from any industry standard web browser that supports frames and JScript.

Command Line Administration Scripting

Command Line Administration Scripting allows administrators to manage their Web sites from the command line, providing administrators with the ability to write a script to automate repetitive tasks.

Windows Scripting Host

Windows Scripting Host is the language independent scripting host for 32-bit windows platforms. WSH enables you to execute scripts directly on the Windows desktop (wscript.exe) or command console (cscript.exe), without embedding those scripts in an HTML document. WSH is ideal for non-interactive scripts needs such as logon scripting and administrative scripting.


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