Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Microsoft Management Console (MMC)


The primary management interface for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

A cross application and shared management tool, the MMC provides a framework for administering multiple network management programs. In addition to being included as a component for the Microsoft Windows NT Option Pack, the MMC will be incorporated into Windows NT.

The MMC console by itself does not provide any functionality, but it does provide a common environment for snap-ins. Snap-ins provide the actual management environment for each associated product. For IIS, the implemented snap-in is Internet Service Manager. When you start Internet Service Manager, the MMC starts and loads the Internet Service Manager snap-in.

In future release of all Microsoft BackOffice products, including Windows NT, administrative tools will be converted to MMC snap-ins. MMC specifications are also available to third party companies and many third party software vendors will ship products managed by snap-ins. Example of these tools include the Microsoft Active X, Real Audio controls, Wrag Image Edit controls and Microsoft Certificate mapper. Administrators can create or purchase additional tools to be used with specific snap-ins.

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