Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Niche Hosting

Niche hosting means an environment where hosting can be perfect so there The customer is the king. He is an individual and has his needs well defined. The internet maybe the Goliath, but each customer is the bird's eye. The challenge for the web host is thus in finding the bird's eye. Webhost need to create plans which suit the customer's needs rather than just focusing on things like price, uptime, reliability, support and so onwhich are all important. At the same time all decent webhosts today can offer similar plans , prices, guarantees and support.
If the cheapest host offered the best features and the maximum bandwidth and disk space. Finally, we concluded that the largest host would be the cheapest host with the maximum bandwidth and diskspace, with the greatest support and this host would have ads all over the place. This may actually work out for many, but the Return of Investment (ROI) may take more than a life-time.
webmasters only. Webmasters generally have more than one site. Hosting is not their prime business and they want an affordable solution.

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