Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Problem with Free Web Hosting Plans

when w choose a web host then there will be lot of problems comes we can discuss here some of them like jam of the traffic due to the bottom line in web hosting is that bandwidth costs money and if your plan is free it is most likely your bandwidth will be limited.
In almost every case free web hosting plans do not allow you to point a domain name (www.yoursite.com) to an actual page. Instead you are forced to use a concept called URL redirection. URL redirection allows a webmaster to identify a site that the URL should point to.
free web hosting is not the way to go it is possible to find a free web host that works for you. There are some out there that do not force advertising, do not limit your bandwidth, and will allow pointed domains.
There are some drawbacks for customers who have taken free web hosting. The company which is providing free web hosting may be advertising space or other products for which a customer has to pay alongside. There should be sufficient bandwidth and data according to the customer’s needs and there is also a possibility of upgradation to paid package in nearby future. Generally companies are providing “unlimited” bandwidth but usually traffic will be completed and this will be charged for exceeding the “unlimited” transfer amount. If company is offering “unlimited data” then customer need not get distracted with this offer as if customer is making website without video or music then it need less than 20 GB of disk space.

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