Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Typical Installation of IIS

The Typical Installation

option includes all the components offered in the minimum installation option in addition to the following components:

Active Server Pages: Enables you to use server side scripting and components to create browser independent dynamic content.
Documentation : Provides you with online documentation covering server administration, content management, and content development, including indexing, scripting and programming.
Front Page Extensions: Makes it possible for you to use Microsoft FrontPage to manage your Web site and to create the web site content.
Index Server: Creates a site index and search for text in a variety of formats.
Microsoft Script Debugger: Provides you with a comprehensive debugging environment for testing and correcting errors in your Web document scripts. You can use Microsoft Script Debugger to debug both client scripts and server scripts.
Windows Scripting Host : Enables you to use Cscript or Wscript to administer servers from the command line.

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